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Technical Specifications

  WJPS 350D WJPS 450D WJPS 560D WJPS 660
Web width 350 mm 450 mm 560 mm 660 mm
Max. Printing width 340 mm 440 mm 540 mm 650 mm
Unwind diameter 700 mm 800 mm 800 mm 1,000 mm
Rewind diameter 700 mm 800 mm 800 mm 1,000 mm
Thickness of printing
60-350 g/m2 80-350 g/m2 80-350 g/m2 80-350 g/m2
Printing length 170-345 mm 210-420 mm 210-420 mm 210-420 mm
Printing speed 30-180 prints/min 30-150 prints/min 30-150 prints/min 30-150 prints/min


  • Electronic Control System. The main control system consists of imported electric components. The Central Processing Unit controls the servo motors via a DOS system resulting in a high responsiveness of the system, accurate web transport, ease and security of operation.
  • Shaft less drive. The machine is equipped with servo motors that drive the cylinders directly, this guarantees high speed and accurate running.
  • Registration System. Every unit will move automatically to a pre-programmed position in the machine by means of an individual motorized precision spindle and the printing cylinders will move to its dedicated zero point, once the desired printing length is set at the main control panel. The fine-tuning of the lateral and circumferential register can be done during start up with the help of the integrated CCD video system. Full automatic register control is available as an option.
  • Printing Unit. The servo drives allow independent operation of each printing unit with its touchscreen. This allows different simultaneous operations like plate or blanket change and washing up at the same time with a standing web. This feature will enhance your make ready efficiency.
  • Water-ink control. The ink train consists of 20 rollers with 4 ink form rollers and 1 combined water-ink form roller. An oscillating water roller in contact with the water-ink form roller ensures a fast ink-water balance avoiding ghosting and building up of ink. An advanced control system for the ink-duct and water roller ensures constant ink water balance at different speeds. The powerful ink train allows printing on paper and film.
  • Lubricating System. A central lubrication system supplies automatically oil to the entire machine in order to avoid wear and ensure constant accuracy during the service life of the machine.
  • Semiautomatic plate mounting. A computer controlled assisted plate mounting and removal system shortens the plate change to a minimum and improves the safety of operation. A 6-colour plate change can be done in 6 minutes only.
  • The SMC Pneumatic clutch pressure control system ensures smooth and accurate running of the machine and reduces setup waste. The two-way clutch allows pre-inking of the offset plate and blanket before going on impression. The 7 o'clock arrangement between the plate and the blanket cylinder avoids the bouncing of the cylinders to avoid undesired distortion of the printed image.
  • Ink fountain partition. The segmented ink knife allows partial colour corrections, an offset feature, not being possible in flexo or screen-printing. Remote ink-duct control is available as an option.
  • Rerun device. The machine is standard equipped with a rerun device allowing to run printed reels again through the machine to add colours with the same register accuracy as the first pass, easy to used and with high accuracy. This system assures the same registration as the first pass.
  • Hybrid configuration. The machine can be equipped with the following modules: Offset unit, flexo insert for offset unit, flexo unit, letterpress unit, screen-printing unit, cold foil stamping, hot foil stamping, varnish unit, rotary die cutting, automatic register control and remote ink-duct control. This flexible configuration will allow you to manufacture any type of label that might be requested by the present market demands.


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