WANJIE EUROPE is a company based in MADRID, SPAIN created by GRUPO IMPRYMA in partnership with the  manufacturer HEBEI WANJIE MACHINERY Co., with the aim of create an EUROPEAN BASED OFFICE for selling the Semi-Rotary OFFSET UV printing press.

The AFTER SALES SERVICE, including the SPARE PARTS stock, is also managed from our office in MADRID.

Félix Prieto

CEO & General Manager

Wanjie Europe evidences its commitment to offer high quality products by keeping a continuous improvement both in the technical and in the customer care fields”

Paul Hu

CEO & General Manager
Hebei WANJIE Machinery Co

“The WANJIE WJPS Semi-Rotary OFFSET UV printing press is a machine whose characteristics prove a competitive soul and a high attention to detail”

Our Headquarters in Madrid, Spain

Our headquarters office is based in a building that joins the different areas of WANJIE EUROPE in a wide space atmosphere and in a proper working environment, with a dedicated DEMO area named WCCE — WANJIE COMPETENCE CENTER EUROPE.

Its location was chosen on purpose:

We are in a strategic spot, 10 minutes from the MADRID International airport, close  (walking distance) to several well-known hotel chains and with an excellent connection highway to the city center.